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Please Note: the files on this page are out of date. For data files used in my current project, see

Scores on the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test for characters in the first 50 comics uploaded to after August 12th, 2016.

URLs have been replaced with their MD5 hashes for privacy and legal reasons.

These are the actual scores I got for various characters on the Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test. There’s only file one so far, but I’ll probably upload new ones as I score more characters, or make corrections.

Mary-Sue test scores — November 24, 2013


All the columns like “1.1.a” are the scores on specific questions.

Other than that, they should be fairly self-explanatory, but here are the explanations if you want them:

Format and Medium
How the story is told and distributed. “Format” is more about distribution, and “Medium” more about how you read the work once it’s been distributed.
Author Commitment
Whether it was written by a professional or not.
Random other information. Not really very useful at the moment.
Character, Character Gender
What character the scores are for.
Source Work
The particular story. Should match the name in the Works Scored page.
Author, Author Gender
Who wrote the story. Often missing for movies and the like.
1.1.a to 5.18
Question number in the test. First number is the section, second the question number, and the third is the part of the question, if it has parts. 1 is “yes”, 0 is “no”, 0.5 is “complicated”. If you want to look these up, you’ll need an older version of the test (Web Archive)
Score (Original Works and Fan Characters and Newcomers)
What the character scored when using that section of the test. You won’t get these by adding up the score columns, because the questions aren’t all 1 point.
Score Code (Original Works and Fan Characters and Newcomers)
What score range you would have given (corresponds to one of the score descriptions on the test). A! is 0 or less (no description), A+ 0–16, A 17–21, B 21–29, C 30–35, D 36–49 and F 50+

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