Some Goals, 1 Week In

It’s been a week since my goals post, and things have gone fairly well, I think:

  • I slept about 7ā…“ hours a night, average, over the last week. By how it feels, and by the numbers, that’s better than usual for me ā€” but it still doesn’t feel like enough. Maybe I should have aimed for 8, but I wanted my goals to be realistic šŸ™‚
  • I made things on about 4 nights out of six:
    • a set of handy fold-over NPC sheets for the D&D game: these have the name and portrait upside down at the top, so I can fold them over my DM screen and have just that bit facing the players. It needs a few tweaks (I don’t care about optimal line length, LaTeX ā€” just fit it all on one page!), but overall it worked pretty well.
    • plus a map and some extra NPCs for the game ā€” most of which I didn’t use, but if I’d needed them I’d have been glad of it,
    • plus a short poem, unrelated to D&D
  • I finished reading The Cousin from Fiji, by Norman Lindsay. This was a “fun” book, rather than an “improving” one. I liked the vivid descriptions of the characters, but the book’s definitely a product of its time (1945), in a way that’d make me cautious about recommending it today.

This preparation stood me in good stead for yesterday’s session, which ran more smoothly than the last. The remaining hiccups weren’t things I could blame on a lack of prep time, so so far these goals are serving me well.

Let’s see how the next two weeks go.

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