Duet of Reflections

Who is she?
What will she look like?
Will she be sexy
Will she be stern?

Is this me?
Am I too dressed up?
Will I be dressed up
Too much like her?

Who is she?
What will she act like?
Will she be bitchy
Will she be shy?

Should I believe her?
Tell her my secrets?
If she is family
Should I be blind?

First time in a lifetime
Finally I meet
My mysterious twin

Is this girl
So like me
So different
Really my sister?
Is she a friend?

When we meet
How will I greet her?
Will she embrace me
Will we shake hands?

When we talk
What will we speak of?
Does she have style?
Has she known love?

When we meet
How will it touch me?
Will it be creepy
Will there be a bond?

I’m a geek
Does she watch the same shows?
Does she hate my shows?
Will she hate me?

No more speculation
End of the questions
Proof of the fear

That first fateful meeting
Seconds away now
Heart in my eardrums

The moment is here

I dedicate this poem to Susan and Diane of El Goonish Shive, who seem like mirror-images of each other but haven’t quite met each other yet.

Would I had the skill to set it to music!

3 thoughts on “Duet of Reflections

  1. Interesting. Clearly you are very enthused about this webcomic. What is it about the relationship between these characters that resonates with you so strongly?

    • I think what makes the Susan-and-Diane situation stand out for me is the way it involves sisterly or familial love.

      When Susan and Diane get over their angst, they seem like they will be content with each other as sisters, or as friends
      That’s very different thing to the passionate/sexual love of (say) Romeo and Juliet, and seems to be much rare in the fiction I usually read (mostly fantasy and sci-fi).

      • So what is the basis for your apparent distaste towards the sexual and why do you feel that platonic love is superior to that which is romantic?

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