Self-indulgent poetry. Please Ignore

They said “Express yourself! With poetry!”
But all I have to say are evil things.
To scream my anger at a righteous world
That knows that I am wrong, and tells me so.

They tell me what I must do, patiently.
And all I hear is vitriol. It stings
As much to know I misinterpret them
As all their actual anger ought to do.

I hear them saying, “Nothing ends your pain,”
When all they really ask are simple steps.
A kind word here — a sharply said “for shame!”
Each as their kindly meant advice directs.

I know you’re not concerned with how I feel.
But silence hurts. It shouldn’t, but it’s real.

In response to Bonekeep

This sonnet contains minor spoilers for the Pathfinder Society Special Ruins of Bonekeep—Level Two: Maze to the Mind Slave. If you don’t plan to play it, read on:

To face this lethal place, we took up arms;
Descended ancient steps in duty's name;
Cleared evil's lairs — but fell to their false charms
And duty done, went on in quest of fame.
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