Another Excuse

I’ve recovered, more or less, from last week’s illness, but I still didn’t get much done.

This time it’s because my computer isn’t working. (Should be just a power supply issue, but it’s some kind of gaming laptop and needs a special 200 watt replacement) Between a lack of a proper keyboard, small screen, and being locked out of all my usual recreations, this has thrown my creative work askew.

On that wonky foundation, I have:

  • Slept 7 hours a night, well below my increased goal. Despite this I have been late for work all fortnight, so something is fishy here. More work (or perhaps more laziness) needed.
  • Made about six things:
    • Two evenings’ progress on a roguelike inspired by my illness. This is in no sense playable, but it was fun to work on: Elm is so much better suited to this than my previous attempt to use it.
    • A page of free-written backstory for my fiction project (on a typewriter, due to no laptop).
    • A few notes for the D&D game, longhand (due to ditto).
    • Index entries for another notebook in my backlog.
  • And the lack of YouTube gave me an excuse to start, and finish, watching Hot Fuzz. The DVD had been on my to-watch pile for ages, and it was well worth it. The old UK police uniform showing up was a highlight 🙂

D&D was a little flat this week, which I attribute mostly to a lack of prep — and losing the last fortnight’s work on my laptop. I thought I had everything in a Git repo, but apparently I did not.

(Being a player short may also have been a factor.)

The game will keep rolling, though. The players hit a milestone and levelled up, and we had some interesting events that will affect my plans for next session.

My new laptop charger should arrive on Monday,  which ought to help things.

Goals, and Illness

This fortnight, my goals were disrupted by a nasty fever. It was some kind of virus — I’m not sure exactly what, but whatever it was, it wasn’t fun. Despite, or in some cases because of this, I have:

  • Slept at least 7.2 hours a night, not counting three nights I spent too sick (and sleeping too intermittently) to track it. As I recover I’ve made a point of getting 8 hours sleep, and waking up like that was was so much nicer I’ve decided to increase the goal to 8 hours going forward.
  • Made a handful of things:
    • A couple of poems
    • One day’s worth of D&D prep
    • A random table of ideas for my next D&D campaign (a few years away yet!)
    • A discovery of a Cosmere easter egg (look for Isaac Stewart in the acknowledgements).
    • A purchase of a new phone (long needed, not quite set up yet).
    • Progress towards recovery. I’m a lot better now, but nowhere near recovered yet.
  • And I finished reading through Justin Alexander’s posted In the Shadow of the Spire campaign journals and commentaries. As a blog series, obviously more will be posted, but I’ll no longer need an archive binge to keep up.

My D&D game didn’t run this week due to illness, so again there’s nothing to report there this time. My making of things (including D&D prep) will probably be on a low ebb for a while yet as I recover, but I’m now 7 days into a typically 10-day illness, so the next fortnight should see me well (fingers crossed!).