Session 2: “What Game Are We Playing?” | Defenders of Kathrakopolis

Wildflower & Vinnie

Wildflower stood up from the trophy-goblet of ambrosia, still burning. Cordwynn met their eyes from the ring. “Do we keep wrestling?”

The referee raised her hands, unsure.

“No matter. I concede.” Cordwynn bowed to Wildflower. “I have faced you, now. You know my strength now, and I know yours. I shall be glad to test you again — another time.”

The referee lifted the kylix, and held it out to Vinnie. “This is somewhat irregular, but — I declare you tournament champion! Hail Wildflower!”

Still somewhat dazed, Wildflower carried the trophy into the city.

It was about then their shirt caught fire.


The silver glow faded, and the room was dark. Vinnie could barely make out the shape of the now-dry pool — and was that a metal ring around it? Silver? Gold? He leaned in closer.

It was lead. Worthless.

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Session 1: “Rocks Fall” | Defenders of Kathrakopolis

For hundred of years, the Pillars of Kathrakopolis have brought many blessings on the city, granting its citizens health, happiness, and plenty. But their ancient network is incomplete.

After decades of research, and years of construction, the Ancients’ work is about to be finished. On the Spring Equinox, when the final stone is placed in the central Great Pillar, the pillars will bless the city with a thousand years of prosperity.

The project is about to be completed. The city is about to celebrate. And four citizens’ lives are about to change.

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